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25087 Salò / Italy

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A-ROSA - Our best hotel in the garda lake area

Nothing is typical at our A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda. And yet everything feels right. Sometimes piano, sometimes forte. Light-hearted joie de vivre in every detail. A 5-star hotel as a garden of the senses. Let yourself be enchanted by this place, feel the lightness of the Italian way of life and immerse yourself in the flair that only Italy can offer - right on Lake Garda, where the heart of Italy beats in all its splendor.

A-ROSA goes Italy

Where the language sounds so lively, the cuisine conjures up great dishes and the people radiate cheerfulness, lightness defines the day and the senses have time to devote themselves to the beautiful and the good. This is exactly where you will find our hotel on Lake Garda. The first A-ROSA hotel that radiates the unmistakable charm of Italy - light and airy, Italian and wonderfully carefree. Every corner of the hotel exudes the flair of the lake, the sweet dolce far niente and the lightness of the moment.

Opening: 28.06.2024

Our first A-ROSA hotel in Italy opens on June 28, 2024. Book your favourite Mediterranean place now and secure your anticipation of the most beautiful holiday moments on Lake Garda!

The photo shows two women lying relaxed on striped towels on a wooden jetty on the shore of Lake Garda. One is wearing an orange-coloured bikini, the other a black top and light trousers. In the background is the picturesque landscape of Lake Garda with green mountains and a small town along the shore. The sky is clear with scattered clouds, which emphasises the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. The picture conveys a feeling of summer, sun and serenity on the Italian lake.
A hand, dressed in a white blouse with lace sleeves, picks a yellow lemon straight from the tree. The vibrant colours and the fresh green of the lemon leaves in the background highlight the fruit and convey a feeling of freshness and nature.

Your holiday in Italy - ready to book

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Look forward to the A-ROSA Lake Garda:
  • Modern room concepts
  • La Cucina Italia: Italian moments of pleasure
  • Spacious wellness area with Mediterranean flair
  • Panoramic view of Lake Garda

Your A-ROSA time-out in Italy: vacation on Lake Garda

Where Lake Garda meets azure blue skies and life tastes of sweet lemons: At our first A-ROSA hotel in Italy, vacation and romance meet in a very special way, creating a symphony known as La Dolce Vita.

Lago di Garda, Lago di Amore. Experience Lake Garda, the sensual nature of the province of Brescia and endless summer days at the A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda, accompanied by the unique Italian attitude to life.

 A convivial meal in the open air: hands raise polished glasses of rosé wine to toast the moment. Typical Italian dishes can be seen on the table - freshly baked pizza with a golden brown cheese crust and plates of pasta. Fresh bread, lemon slices and olive branches complete the culinary experience. The scene radiates warmth and the joy of shared enjoyment.Two women enjoy relaxing moments sunbathing on Lake Garda, wearing sunglasses and swimwear, on a striped sun lounger on a wooden jetty right by the water. The scene radiates peace and serenity, emphasized by the glistening water and the picturesque mountains in the background.

The highlights at the A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda

In addition to plenty of dolce vita and Italian lifestyle, our A-ROSA Lake Garda offers a number of highlights for your feel-good time under the Italian sun. Our 5-star hotel on Lake Garda is surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature, which paints a new masterpiece with every sunrise. Here on Lake Garda, where the mountains kiss the sky and the water glistens in a thousand shades of blue, you will find an oasis of peace and relaxation at the A-ROSA. Escape from everyday life in our spacious wellness area and indulge in the culinary delights of traditional Italian cuisine combined with modern creations.

  • Modern room concepts
    Italian lightness and elegance in every detail
  • La Cucina Italia: Italian moments of pleasure
    Excellent Italian cuisine with the best ingredients from the region
  • Spacious wellness area with Mediterranean flair
    Relax and recharge your batteries under the Italian sun
  • Panoramic view of Lake Garda
    Unique location with views of the lake, the surrounding mountains and Monte Baldo
  • A modern designed hotel blends elegantly into a natural landscape. The terraced architecture offers sweeping views from every floor and integrates green spaces on the rooftops. Two pools and carefully landscaped gardens invite guests to relax, while the surrounding greenery of trees provides a calming backdrop.
  • A lobby designed as a green oasis: lush hanging plants embedded in natural materials such as wood and stone create a calming atmosphere. The space is open and inviting, with comfortable seating and large windows that provide plenty of natural light.
  • A hotel lobby extends generously and openly, filled with natural light that falls through the atrium. Wooden elements and green plants dominate the room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Seating made from natural materials invites you to linger.
  •  A modern yet natural bar interior, characterized by warm wood design and a variety of hanging greenery and plant arrangements. Stylish lighting elements set the tone, while visitors linger in a lively atmosphere at an elegant bar with bar stools. The scene is characterized by social interaction and professional service, making the space an ideal meeting place for social evenings.
  • Panoramic view of the town of Salò on Lake Garda in Italy. The photograph shows a picturesque view of the town with densely built-up houses and buildings along the shoreline. The clear blue waters of the lake with boats can be seen in the foreground. The town is framed by green hills and mountains in the background, while the sky is covered by light clouds, creating a natural and peaceful scenario.

Rooms & suites on Lake Garda

Modern suite with a cozy living area separated from the sleeping area by curtains. In the foreground is a trendy rattan armchair on a fluffy rug, and opposite is a wooden table with plants and books. The interior is illuminated by warm sunlight streaming through the window, creating an inviting atmosphere. In the background is a stylishly decorated dressing area with an open wardrobe and lighting that makes the room feel homely and elegant.

Rooms & suites on Lake Garda

Immerse yourself in a world where modern elegance meets the carefree lightness of Italy. Our modern room concepts at the A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda are a tribute to the fine Italian way of life, designed to enchant you with every detail.

Let the Italian sun kiss you awake and start the day with a view of the gentle sparkle of Lake Garda. Each of the 99 rooms is a carefully composed oasis of tranquillity, which contains the light-hearted joie de vivre full of sensuality of the south - a perfect symbiosis of comfort and design.

Discover rooms & suites on Lake Garda
A detailed bedroom with a spacious double bed, the headboard of which is covered in fabric and finished in elegant gray. Delicate pink and beige cushions complement the white bed linen. A minimalist hanging lamp floats above the bedside cabinet and blends harmoniously into the modern ambience. A stylish black floor lamp and a comfortable armchair next to a window with long pink curtains complete the calm and stylish retreat.
Modern and inviting hotel room with harmonious lighting. On the right in the picture, a large bed with white bed linen in front of a large window with a view of the bathroom, where round mirror lighting and warm colors dominate. On the left is a wooden sideboard with a stylish floor lamp on it, next to a decorative serving trolley with decorative elements on it. The entrance area of the room can be seen in the background.
A stylish bathroom with a terracotta-colored wall and beige tiled wash area. A large round mirror hangs above a washbasin with an oval stone washbowl and underneath is an open wooden shelf with towels. Two hanging pendant lights illuminate the room, while the bedroom with a made-up bed is visible through a glass wall in the background.

La Cucina Italiana

Culinary moments of pleasure at A-ROSA Lago di Garda

"La Cucina Italiana" is known and loved everywhere. Italian cuisine has long since conquered the whole world and it is impossible to imagine our menu without it. The colorful variety, the simple sophistication and the regionality provide culinary moments of pleasure and make up the Mediterranean cuisine. Between authentic aperitifs, oven-fresh pizzas, homemade pasta and time-honored recipes from the Cucina della Nonna, a true culinary delight awaits you at our A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda.

Can you resist this temptation? Not if amore goes through the stomach.

Culinary delights at A-ROSA Lake Garda
 Frische Zitronen auf einem weißen Tuch, kunstvoll arrangiert und beleuchtet durch weiches Sonnenlicht, das die gelbe Farbe und saftige Textur der Zitrusfrüchte hervorhebt. Das Spiel aus Licht und Schatten verleiht dem Bild eine lebendige Tiefe und betont das erfrischende Aroma, das man fast riechen kann.
Ein geselliges Abendessen im Freien: Frisch zubereitete italienische Gerichte wie Pizza Margherita und Pasta mit Tomatensauce verfeinert mit grünen Basilikumblättchen werden auf einfachen, rustikalen Tellern serviert. Ein Tisch aus Naturstoffen, geschmückt mit Zitronen und Olivenzweigen, verleiht dem Essen eine authentische mediterrane Atmosphäre. Die Szene wird durch sanftes Abendlicht beleuchtet, das für eine warme und einladende Stimmung sorgt. Ein Moment des Genusses und der Freundschaft, festgehalten in einer idyllischen Sommernacht.

Well-being & wellness on Lake Garda

Pampering moments at the SPA-ROSA Lago di Garda

Luxurious, exclusive and productive. A fertile breeding ground for growing ideas and a place to harvest the sweet fruits of hard work. Nowhere will they taste more delicious than in our SPA-ROSA on Lago di Garda - where the five elements Terra, Acqua, Fuoco, Aria e Etere come together to create a feeling of Italian joie de vivre. A credo according to which our wellness area on Lake Garda was designed.

Discover SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda
Close-up of a hand holding a wooden sauna bucket, equipped with a metal ladle. The bucket is held by a sturdy rope, which conveys an authentic sauna atmosphere. The scene takes place in warm, subdued light, which emphasizes the woody interior of a sauna and alludes to the traditional infusion ritual in a wellness area.A bowl of aromatic wellness oil, enriched with fresh herbs and citrus notes, rests on a rustic wooden table. A sprig of rosemary floats in the golden liquid next to half an orange, promising a natural, relaxing fragrance. A slice of dried orange lies next to it, adding to the sensual experience. This image captures the essence of a soothing spa experience and invites you to relax and indulge your senses.
Aerial view of a luxurious hotel complex with a lively garden and two swimming pools. One pool is outdoors surrounded by sun loungers and white parasols, the other pool is covered and visible in a glass building. The entire arrangement is harmoniously embedded in the architecture of the surrounding buildings and the carefully tended gardens, which are adorned with various plants and colorful flowers.
Pools & outdoor area

Simple, airy design meets Italian warmth and loving details: dive into our 4 pools, unwind in the spacious garden and recharge your batteries while enjoying the view of the bright blue of Lake Garda.

 A carefully arranged pile of sauna stones lies ready to store and distribute the heat at the heart of a traditional sauna. The textured gray stones form a natural contrast to the warm wooden interior in the background and embody the authentic sauna experience.
Sauna area

Lavender, eucalyptus, mint or would you prefer fruity, light scents of lemon or grapefruit? Invigorating fragrance mixtures of essential oils and various aromas and herbs envelop your senses in our sauna area on Lake Garda. Relax to your heart's content in 4 different saunas at SPA-ROSA and enjoy the soothing warmth and daily changing infusion ceremonies.

A facial treatment in the spa, in which the hands of a beautician apply a nourishing mask to the face of a relaxed customer with a brush. The customer, with her eyes closed, is visibly enjoying the treatment. The image conveys a feeling of luxury, relaxation and professional skin care.
SPA treatments

Enjoy sweet idleness on Lake Garda to the full and give your body a break. Discover our soothing massages, nourishing facial treatments and pampering rituals and look forward to the best moments of well-being at SPA-ROSA.

Location and directions

Lake Garda, known as the jewel of northern Italy, presents itself as picturesque, breathtaking and vibrant. Surrounded by lush olive groves, blossoming lemon gardens and majestic mountains, the crystal-clear, azure waters of the lake invite you to linger and dream, while the idyllic little towns with their historic architecture and winding alleyways exude a touch of nostalgic romance.

The variety of landscapes ranges from gently rolling hills to steep cliffs, making Lake Garda a multifaceted natural paradise. The Mediterranean atmosphere, characterized by the scent of lavender and rosemary, makes every visit a sensual experience.

 Two friends enjoy sunbathing on a wooden jetty on picturesque Lake Garda. Behind them, gentle hills rise up, adorned with lush greenery and characteristic Italian houses. The calm waters of the lake reflect the clear blue sky, while small waves gently lapping against the edge of the jetty.A woman relaxes on board a boat on Lake Garda, surrounded by a breathtaking mountain backdrop. With her eyes closed, she enjoys the warm rays of sunshine on her skin, while a gentle breeze plays with her hair. Her white dress with eyelet embroidery underlines the summery flair and harmonizes with the calming blue of the lake and the sky. The picture radiates peace and serenity and perfectly captures the pure moment of relaxation and being at one with nature.

Your way to the A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda

Our A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda is situated in a quiet location in the middle of the Mediterranean, sun-drenched nature of Lombardy, above the town of Salò. Overlooking cypress groves, it offers a spectacular view of the majestic lake and the old town of Salò.

Our hotel on Lake Garda is easy to reach by car, train or plane. Free parking is available directly at the A-ROSA.

The A-ROSA Lago di Garda is located just a few kilometers from the center of Salò, which can be reached by a free transfer for hotel guests, but also on foot via a forest path down to the lake. The lake promenade and the town center can be reached in about 15 minutes on foot.

A view of the picturesque town of Salo on Lake Garda, surrounded by rolling hills and dense greenery. The architecture of the buildings on the shore conveys a classic Italian atmosphere, while the mountains in the background evoke a sense of adventure and closeness to nature. The lake itself appears calm, and the reflection of the sun on the water adds a sparkling touch to the picture. The combination of natural beauty and cultural charm makes this panorama an idyllic place to relax and unwind.

Your journey from Verona

  • Coming from Verona, take Corso Porta Nuova, V.le del Piave, Viale del Lavoro and Viale delle Nazioni onto the A4/E70 towards Milan.
  • Stay on the A4/E70 and follow the highway for about 35.6 km until you reach the Desenzano del Garda exit.
  • After the Desenzano exit, take Viale Marconi and continue on the SP572, which will take you directly to Salò.
  • Once in Salò, stay on the main road and follow the signs for Via del Panorama.
  • Turn into Via del Panorama and follow the road.

Your journey from Bolzano

  • Coming from Bolzano/Bozen, take the A22/E45 state road 12 in a southerly direction.
  • Stay on the A22/E45 and follow this highway in the direction of Verona.
  • Take the exit for the A22/E45 in the direction of Castelnuovo del Garda.
  • Change to the SR11 and then to the SS11/Strada Provinciale 11 Tangenziale Sud in the direction of Brescia.
  • Follow the signs and change to the SP572 in the direction of Salò.
  • Once in Salò, stay on the main road and follow the signs for Via del Panorama.
  • Turn into Via del Panorama and follow the road.

Your journey from Bologna

  • Coming from Bologna, take the Str. Maggiore, follow the SS 9 Via Emilia/SS9 and the Strada Statale 64 Porrettana to Via Michelino and the E45.
  • Continue on the E45, then change to the A22 and finally to the A4/E70 in the direction of Milan. Stay on this route for about 166 km until you reach the Desenzano del Garda exit.
  • Once you have taken the Desenzano exit, follow Viale Marconi and then change to the SP572, which will take you directly to Salò.
  • Once in Salò, stay on the main road and follow the signs for Via del Panorama.
  • Turn into Via del Panorama and follow the road.

Your journey from Milan

  • Coming from Milan, take Corso Venezia, followed by Via Gustavo Modena and Viale Argonne. Continue along Via Ferdinando Marescalchi and then take Via Rivoltana until you reach the SP14 in Novegro-Tregarezzo.
  • Follow the SP14 and take the A35. Continue on the A4/E70 in the direction of Brescia.
  • On the A4/E70, take the Desenzano del Garda exit. Then follow Viale Marconi and change to the SP572, which will take you directly to Salò.
  • Once in Salò, stay on the main road and follow the signs for Via del Panorama.
  • Turn into Via del Panorama and follow the road.

The closest major train stations to the A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda are Desenzano del Garda-Sirmione train station and Peschiera del Garda train station.

Desenzano del Garda-Sirmione train station

  • Distance to the hotel: about 30-35 km
  • This train station offers good connections to the Italian rail network and is one of the main access points to Lake Garda from cities such as Milan, Verona and Venice.

Peschiera del Garda train station

  • Distance to the hotel: about 40-45 km
  • Peschiera del Garda is also an important train station for travelers to Lake Garda, with similarly good connections to the Italian high-speed rail network.

There are several ways to get to Salò from both stations. The journey from the station to the hotel can be made by public transport, cab or a pre-booked shuttle service. There are several bus lines that connect Desenzano del Garda-Sirmione or Peschiera del Garda with Salò. The nearest bus stops Salò bv villa (via panor.) and Le Zette are both about 1 km from the hotel.

  • Verona Airport (Valerio Catullo) - approx. 50 km away
  • Bergamo Airport (Orio al Serio) - approx. 100 km away
  • Milan-Malpensa airport - approx. 150 km away
  • Onward journey by car or train
  • We are happy to organize an airport transfer

Photo gallery

You have questions? We got answers!

What are the check-in and check-out times?

Your room is available from 3 pm on arrival and until 11 am on departure. If you would like an extended stay at our resort, please contact reception.

Where is the nearest pharmacy / doctor?

Pharmacy Lafarmacia Centrale Saló / Piazzale Martiri della Liberta, 32, 25087 Salò BS, Italy

We will be happy to provide you with information about the nearest pharmacy on duty at our reception desk at any time. If you require medical assistance, please contact our reception staff directly.

Are families welcome and is childcare offered at the hotel?

Children are always welcome at our resort. There are many activities and experiences for families around Lake Garda. The A-ROSA has a community space with various play options for guests of all ages. A baby crib can be set up in the room. However, there is no children's club at A-ROSA Lake Garda and currently no playground. 

Is it possible to rent bicycles or Vespas?

Bicycles and Vespas can be hired from our local partner. Our friendly staff at the reception will be happy to help you with recommendations for bike and Vespa tours in the surrounding area.

Are there golf courses nearby?

Yes, there are several golf courses near Salò on Lake Garda. One of the best known is the Garda Golf Country Club, which is located in Soiano del Lago, not far from Salò. The club offers a challenging 27-hole golf course set in a beautiful hilly landscape with views of Lake Garda. There are also other golf courses in the region that attract golfers who want to enjoy the picturesque surroundings and mild climate of Lake Garda:

  • Garda Golf Country Club (27 holes) approx. 8 km away in Soiano
  • Golf il Colombaro (9 holes) approx. 2 km away in Salò
  • Arzaga Golf (18 holes) approx. 14 km away in Cavalgese della Riviera
  • Golf Bogliaco (18 holes) approx. 20 km away in Gargnano
Is it possible to play tennis nearby?

There are excellent tennis courts near the A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda. These invite you to swing a racket and compete in a match under the Italian sun. Perfect for staying active and enjoying the mild climate on the lake:

  • Polo Sportivo Canottieri Garda - approx. 4 km away in Salò
  • CTS - approx. 4 km away in San Felice del Benaco
Are dogs allowed?

The resort has designated dog rooms. You are welcome to bring your dog to the resort for an additional charge (45 euros per day) and by prior arrangement. Please understand that your dog will not have access to the restaurant and the SPA-ROSA. We ask you to keep dogs on a lead and would like to point out that the owner of the animal will be held liable for any damage. We will be happy to provide you with a dog blanket and a dog bowl in your room. 

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay with American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, VISA and EC card, and of course you can also pay in cash or in advance.

Is parking available at the hotel?

A total of 102 parking spaces are available, 9 of which are outdoors, as well as 8 charging stations for electric vehicles. The parking space is already included in the travel price.

How is the pool area equipped?

Our spacious pool area offers you numerous opportunities for relaxation and activity: there are three outdoor pools and an indoor pool.

Do children have free access to the sauna world?

Please understand that the use of our sauna world is only possible from the age of 14. Children under the age of 14 are welcome in our saunas from 12 pm to 3 pm when accompanied by an adult. There is no textile sauna (family sauna).

Is smoking allowed in the hotel or is there a special smoking area?

Health as optimal well-being is an essential part of A-ROSA's philosophy. The consumption of nicotine in all its forms is only permitted outdoors.

Is a tourist tax charged at Lake Garda?

In the municipality of Salò, the tourist tax for 5-star hotels is 3.30 euros per day per guest, excluding persons under 14 years of age. The prices at A-ROSA Lake Garda do not include the tourist tax.

Do the rooms have air conditioning?

All rooms and suites at the A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda are equipped with air conditioning.

How far is the hotel from the lake? Is there direct access?

The A-ROSA Lake Garda is located just above the town of Salò. Due to its elevated position on the mountain, the hotel offers a spectacular view of the majestic lake and the old town of Salò.

The lake can be reached on foot in just a few minutes via a forest path from the hotel down to the shore. The A-ROSA is located just a few kilometers from Salò town center, which can be reached by a free transfer for hotel guests, but also on foot via the path down to the lake. The lake promenade and the town center can be reached in about 15 minutes on foot. The town center of Salò can be reached by car in approx. 10 minutes.

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