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25087 Salò / Italy

tel: +49 40 300322-366

A-ROSA on Lake Garda: Hotel with spa-area

Let yourself go, block out the stress of everyday life, live in the here and now. At our SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda, dolce far niente is not just a phrase, but a way of life. Nestled in the idyllic setting around Italy's largest lake, the spacious wellness area at A-ROSA Lake Garda awaits you with moments of well-being and relaxation from morning to night. As a wellness hotel on Lake Garda, the A-ROSA impresses with a picturesque view of the lake, the surrounding mountain scenery and the bay of Salò. Enjoy the harmonious interplay of wellness and nature while experiencing the best of both worlds at the SPA-ROSA.

The highlights at SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda

  • 1900 m² wellness area
    Pure relaxation under the Italian sun
  • Spacious pool & sauna area with extensive garden area
    Unique view over the bay of Salò
  • In-house herb garden in the SPA atrium and outdoor area
    Stroll through picturesque gardens with vines, herbs and Mediterranean flowers from Italy
  • SPA Shop & SPA Concierge
    Look forward to the best selection of exclusive and sustainable care products and enjoy personal and individual advice
  • SPA "Remedy" bar for customized peelings & freshly prepared detox drinks
    Best ingredients from the power of grapes, Mediterranean flowers & herbs
  • A photorealistic depiction of a luxurious outdoor pool in a hotel complex. Several people relax on loungers and designer seating, some under white umbrellas. Lush greenery, tall cypress trees and flowering shrubs surround the pool area, while a blue sky with light clouds adorns the background. A modern building with terraces and green roofs completes the idyllic setting.
  • Photorealistic representation of an indoor swimming pool in a spa facility. The indoor pool is filled with clear, turquoise blue water and a large glass front provides plenty of natural light. Hanging gardens above the pool create a green oasis. The lounge area is furnished with modern sofas and armchairs, above which large, woven hanging lamps hover. The design is a harmonious blend of natural tones and textiles that create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Side view of a woman with brunette hair, wearing a white lace dress, picking a ripe yellow lemon from a lemon tree densely covered with green leaves. Her hand position is gentle as she grasps the fruit. The tree bears several fruits and some white blossoms, indicating a rich harvest season. The background is blurred, emphasizing the action in the foreground and creating a calm, natural ambience.
  • A collection of VINOBLE Cosmetics skincare products, presented on a light background. Various dark brown containers with transparent elements and black lettering can be seen, including a cleansing gel, a lifting serum, a soothing body oil, a refreshing fluid, a protective hand cream and a lifting & regenerating mask. All products are elegantly and uniformly designed and convey an image of luxurious cosmetics.
  • Close-up of a wellness and spa arrangement with natural ingredients on a rustic wooden background. In the foreground is a slice of dried orange, sharply in focus, with fresh green limes and oranges next to it in the blur. A small, cream-colored ceramic container with a clear liquid, presumably an essential oil, is garnished with fresh rosemary, which dips into the water and conveys a calming atmosphere.

Pools & outdoor area

Water is regarded as an element of primal life force, as the driving energy for people and nature. It combines both tranquillity and movement. So it's no wonder that water has a very special significance at our wellness hotel on Lake Garda. Immerse yourself in our diverse pool landscape and feel how a special feeling of weightlessness spreads from head to toe.

Aerial view of a luxurious hotel complex with a lively garden and two swimming pools. One pool is outdoors surrounded by sun loungers and white parasols, the other pool is covered and visible in a glass building. The entire arrangement is harmoniously embedded in the architecture of the surrounding buildings and the carefully tended gardens, which are adorned with various plants and colorful flowers.
Indoor & outdoor pool

The indoor pool at our SPA-ROSA is directly connected to a spacious open-air swimming area. Swim your laps here or simply let yourself drift and enjoy the warm rays of sunshine on your skin.

A photorealistic depiction of a luxurious outdoor pool in a hotel complex. Several people relax on loungers and designer seating, some under white umbrellas. Lush greenery, tall cypress trees and flowering shrubs surround the pool area, while a blue sky with light clouds adorns the background. A modern building with terraces and green roofs completes the idyllic setting.
Garden pool

In the spacious garden area above the SPA-ROSA is our garden pool with adjoining pool bar and a spacious sunbathing area with a unique view over the bay of Salò.

Close-up of bubbling water shimmering in the light, with a focus on the individual water bubbles and the resulting foam on the surface of the water.

Lean back in our bubble pool and feel the relaxing effect of the bubbling water. The invigorating power of the bubbles harmonizes body and mind in a unique way.

Sauna area on Lake Garda

Everything back to zero - in the sauna world of our wellness hotel on Lake Garda, deep relaxation reaches a new dimension. Feel how the soothing warmth of the sauna unfolds its positive effect on your body and mind, while invigorating fragrance mixtures of essential oils and various aromas and herbs envelop your senses. Daily changing infusion ceremonies await you in our diverse sauna landscape at the SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda. Whether in the classic style with an accompanying treatment or as a spectacular event infusion - the regional and seasonal fragrance compositions of our sauna infusions stimulate the senses and have a refreshing or relaxing effect, depending on the fragrance. For an extra portion of energy in between, frozen fruits, shots and drops round off your perfect sauna experience for the senses.

An atmospheric image of hanging ears of grain and dried herbs in warm light. The ears of grain and herbs hang upside down and are photographed from the side, casting a soft shadow on a wooden surface below. The focus is on the tips of the grain in the foreground, while the background is bathed in soft darkness, giving a picturesque and rustic impression.
Organic herbal sauna
Temperature 60 °C | humidity 35 %

Herbs not only smell wonderfully aromatic, they also release valuable essential oils that can have a positive effect on our health. In our organic herbal sauna, you can expect a particularly gentle sauna experience with mild temperatures, accompanied by the scent of natural and regional medicinal herbs.

Two people are relaxing in a sauna, the focus is on a woman who has peacefully closed her eyes and slightly tilted her head, visibly enjoying herself. She is in the foreground, while a male person can be seen out of focus in the background. The wooden walls of the sauna and the soft light create a calm and warm atmosphere.
Salt sauna
Temperature 40 °C | humidity 15 %

The salty air in the sauna spreads like a fresh sea breeze and creates a unique indoor climate, while the healing power of salt has a positive effect on body and mind. Salt stones in combination with heat enrich the air with negative ions and valuable minerals, which have an inhibiting effect on bacteria and viruses and strengthen the immune system. The high concentration of salt in the air cleanses the airways, revitalizes the skin and boosts the metabolism.

Close-up of a woman applying a salt scrub to her shoulder and arm. The grain of the scrub is clearly visible and emphasizes the care routine. Her relaxed smile suggests a wellness experience. The focus is on the gentle application of the scrub, which conveys a sense of self-care and relaxation.
Exfoliating sauna
Temperature 45 °C | humidity 100 %

Gentle cleansing with an invigorating effect for healthy, radiant and supple skin: in our peeling sauna, you can look forward to daily changing homemade peelings for a very special cleansing ritual. The combination of the pleasant warmth of the sauna, the high humidity and natural exfoliating substances such as salt, sugar or honey helps to remove old skin cells, promote blood circulation and stimulate cell renewal.

Close-up of a hand holding a wooden sauna bucket, equipped with a metal ladle. The bucket is held by a sturdy rope, which conveys an authentic sauna atmosphere. The scene takes place in warm, subdued light, which emphasizes the woody interior of a sauna and alludes to the traditional infusion ritual in a wellness area.
Finnish sauna
Temperature 80 °C | humidity 10 %

Experience the original power of the north in our Finnish sauna. Experience calming, meditative sauna ceremonies or euphoric event infusions, which unfold their positive effects in intense heat and low humidity. The penetrating warmth of the Finnish sauna stimulates circulation and blood flow, relieves muscle tension and cleanses the skin.

Aromatic sauna infusions

Daily changing infusion ceremonies transform every sauna session into an unforgettable experience, carefully tailored to different needs: sometimes invigorating for a refreshing morning, sometimes relaxing for a contemplative end to the day.

Our A-ROSA Signature infusions, created from 100% pure natural essential oils, are a tribute to the power of nature. The invigorating freshness of lemon or grapefruit meets the sensual depth of rose and lavender. Woody notes of mountain pine and Swiss stone pine ground the spirits, while herbal essences of basil, eucalyptus and mint fill the air with clarity. And for lovers of the exotic, spicy accords of ginger and turmeric exude their warming secrets.

Eine Hand gießt goldfarbenes, aromatisches Öl aus einer kleinen, gesprenkelten Kanne in eine Keramikschale. Auf dem Holzuntergrund sind getrocknete Orangenscheiben und frische Rosmarinzweige zu sehen, was auf ein Wellness- und Spa-Ambiente hindeutet. Die Szene vermittelt ein Gefühl von Entspannung und natürlicher Pflege.
Eine Hand, gekleidet in einer weißen Bluse mit Spitzenärmeln, pflückt eine gelbe Zitrone direkt vom Baum. Die lebendigen Farben und das frische Grün der Zitronenblätter im Hintergrund heben die Frucht hervor und vermitteln ein Gefühl von Frische und Natur.

Rest & relaxation

A photorealistic depiction of a luxurious outdoor pool in a hotel complex. Several people relax on loungers and designer seating, some under white umbrellas. Lush greenery, tall cypress trees and flowering shrubs surround the pool area, while a blue sky with light clouds adorns the background. A modern building with terraces and green roofs completes the idyllic setting.

Rest & relaxation

Your thoughts come to rest, your head is free, your body can recover. At our A-ROSA wellness hotel on Lake Garda, you can relax to your heart's content in the spacious garden area with charming sun terraces and unique views over the bay of Salò or in the light-flooded indoor area.

Let your gaze wander over the vast olive groves, citrus plantations and meter-high cypresses that line the shores of Lake Garda, framed by the alpine mountain backdrop, and feel a sense of complete peace and relaxation spread through you.

For balance that comes from within.

A young woman lies relaxed on a linen blanket outdoors, surrounded by fresh lemons and small bottles of olive oil. Her closed eyes and gentle smile convey a sense of calm and serenity.
Relaxed young man in a white T-shirt and light blue jeans, sitting in the shade of an olive tree and reading a book. He is in an olive grove near a lake, with clear blue water visible in the background. The vibrant green of the olive leaves and the soft grass provide a natural and peaceful ambience for a quiet reading experience.
Two women spread out a blanket together for a picnic in an idyllic olive grove. The woman in the foreground is wearing a light, white summer dress as she lifts the end of the cream-colored blanket. The other woman, dressed in a striped maxi dress with dark sunglasses, holds the other end of the blanket. The scene is enlivened by the lush green of the grasses and the silvery leaves of the olive trees, through which the sunlight shines, creating a cheerful, summery atmosphere.
Feel good with all your senses

Mens sana in corpore sano - a healthy mind in a healthy body. Every sensory experience plays its part in helping the body and mind to achieve complete well-being. At our SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda, a wellness vacation for the senses awaits you. Take a conscious break from everyday life and bring your body and mind into harmony under the Italian sun.

SPA etiquette at the A-ROSA Kitzbühel
Close-up of a back massage in which the masseur's hands apply pressure to the lower back of a person lying down. The person's skin is wet with oil and reflects the warm light, suggesting a relaxing spa environment. A soft towel can be seen in the background, indicating a careful and comfortable application.
Book applications

Our tip for that extra dose of relaxation: treat yourself to a soothing wellness treatment and let our trained wellness staff pamper you from head to toe. Each treatment is tailored to your individual needs and designed to invigorate all your senses.

Close-up of a relaxing wellness scene with essential oil and natural ingredients. A small, light-colored ceramic container with clear oil and fresh rosemary sprigs stands on a rustic wooden board. Next to the container are dried orange slices and a wooden spoon full of colorful spices, including pink pepper and dried flower petals scattered across the board, creating an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.
SPA "Remedy" Bar

Close to your skin needs: At the SPA "Remedy" Bar , our SPA experts work with you to create a blend of peels and packs tailored to your skin. The ingredients consist of dried herbs, grape seeds, high-quality active ingredient essences and oils.

A cozy reading corner with an open book and a cup of coffee on a glass table, surrounded by rattan furniture. A vase of white flowers and delicate pampas grasses adorn the table, creating an elegant and tranquil ambience. The scene is set in the soft shade of a terrace, with natural colors and textures that invite you to relax and linger.
SPA Concierge

Arrive & let go: Experience your own personal wellness bliss and enjoy the all-round service of our SPA concierge. Personal advice, individualized treatments and tailor-made wellness experiences to make you feel good, perfectly tailored to your wishes and preferences.

Ripe blue grapes on vines backlit by the sun, which shines through the leaves and creates a warm, golden glow. The grapes hang heavily on the vines and are lined up close together. In the background, the green foliage of the vineyard can be dimly seen, bathed in soft sunlight.
SPA herb garden

Pure nature in an exclusive ambience: Our own herb garden stretches across the outdoor area in the atrium of the SPA-ROSA. Lush vines, sun-kissed herbs and Mediterranean flowers, all lovingly cultivated under the warm Italian sun, exude their unique aromas in the accessible gardens.

A hand holds a refreshing smoothie with a decorative fruit skewer set against the backdrop of an inviting outdoor pool. The picture radiates summer relaxation and enjoyment, perfect for a day in the wellness area.
Pool bar

our pool bar is the epitome of summery lightness and enjoyment. At the SPA-ROSA, we also use and appreciate the natural power of grapes and their antioxidant properties in our culinary delights. Refreshing detox drinks, rich bowls or anti-ageing cookies - there is something for every taste for a little refreshment in between.

 The image shows a stylish shelf in a spa area, carefully stocked with a selection of high-quality skincare products. Above the shelf is an advertising banner promising relaxation for body and soul. The warm lighting and organized presentation of the products create an inviting and calm atmosphere.

Experience your own kind of beauty with our unique range. Together with our SPA partners, we have put together an extensive range of selected care products for you. Let us advise you individually at our Beauty Bar!

 The picture shows a young woman in a blue and white striped bikini sitting on the edge of a bright blue outdoor pool. She looks back over her shoulder and smiles as her feet gently touch the water. The sunny weather and the clear water of the pool invite you to take a refreshing dip.

Day guests are also very welcome at our SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda to relax and unwind for a day. For your wellness day, we offer you a wide range of day SPA offers so that you can organize your individual time-out from everyday life according to your personal preferences.

 The picture shows a hand holding a wine glass filled with white wine on the edge of a bathtub. The scene radiates a warm and relaxing atmosphere, which is enhanced by the soft candlelight in the background. The blurred contours in the background suggest a luxurious bath. Small drops of water and foam on the hand indicate that the person is enjoying a bath.
Private SPA Suite

Spend wonderful hours in an exclusive ambience and experience wonderfully intense moments of peace and relaxation in the Private SPA Suite. Fresh fruit, healthy snacks, sparkling champagne and pampering wellness treatments await you in your very own private wellness area with its own sauna and spacious sun terrace.

Wellness treatments

Treat yourself to a soothing treatment, enjoy your personal moment of well-being and discover the secret of radiant skin at SPA-ROSA. All body and facial treatments are exclusive and tailored to your wishes and needs.

Using selected ingredients such as dried herbs, grape seeds, high-quality active ingredient essences and oils, we work with you in our SPA "Remedy" bar to put together an individual mixture for peelings and packs. Perfectly tailored to your wishes and the individual needs of your skin.

Individual wellness treatments at SPA-ROSA:

  • 45 min. | 119€
  • 60 min. | 129€
  • 75 min. | 139€
  • 90 min. | 165€
  • 120 min. | 199€
A relaxing wellness massage in a spa setting, where a masseuse's hands gently glide over the back of a woman lying on a massage table. A soft towel covers the lower part of the woman while her skin glistens from the massage oil. The dark background emphasizes the peaceful and calming atmosphere of the scene.A selection of wellness and spa products arranged on a wooden board: an open glass jar with bath salts, next to it two small bottles with cork stoppers and a bowl of dark massage oil. The whole thing is draped on a fluffy towel, creating a relaxed and nurturing atmosphere.
A facial treatment in the spa, in which the hands of a beautician apply a nourishing mask to the face of a relaxed customer with a brush. The customer, with her eyes closed, is visibly enjoying the treatment. The image conveys a feeling of luxury, relaxation and professional skin care.
A-ROSA Signature Ritual
90 min. | 169 €

Our A-ROSA Signature Ritual combines the best of all our treatments. You will also feel the very special A-ROSA signature.

A soothing rose petal foot bath with active ingredients to strengthen the blood vessels awaits you, while the skin is nourished and exfoliated with pleasant massage strokes. You can look forward to an intensively gentle full-body scrub and extracts from the award-winning VINOBLE Balance Massage, in which warmed grape seed bags revitalize the energy points on your body. Your scalp is nourished with special active ingredients and your head and décolleté are massaged with an effective mask.

  • Foot ritual
  • Full body scrub
  • Massage with balance cushion
  • Head, shoulder, neck and décolleté massage
  • Facial massage with face mask
  • Final care
  • Ritual
A facial massage during a wellness treatment, with gentle finger movements massaging the forehead of a relaxed woman with her eyes closed. The close-up focuses on the professional strokes of the masseuse, who gently touches the woman's face and creates a calming atmosphere.
VINOBLE Deluxe Ritual
120 min. | 219 €

Enjoy a truly indulgent combination of our VINOBLE treatments. Well-groomed feet, radiant facial skin and a soothing all-round massage make this treatment a luxurious feel-good package. The ideal package for anyone who likes to treat themselves to pure beauty and relaxation.

  • Foot ritual
  • Back peeling
  • Full body massage
  • Face and head massage
  • Final care
  • Manicure
  • Hand massage
  • Ritual
The picture shows a relaxed woman enjoying a soothing back massage. She is lying on her stomach with her head resting comfortably on her hands on a brown cushion. In the background you can see a peaceful ambience, characterized by soft light and two green potted plants on a stool made of dark wood, which contribute to the calming atmosphere. The massager's hands are gently placed on the person's shoulder blades.
Book now
Book wellness treatments

Everyday life off, relaxation on: At our SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda, the focus is on your relaxation. Take the time to pamper your senses and book your soothing time-out for body and soul.

Book your treatment now: or call +49 40 300322-366.


A cheerful woman with a towel around her head smilingly holds a tin of face cream in front of her eye. A few blobs of cream have already been applied under her eye, indicating a skincare routine. The focus is on her radiant smile and the cream, which radiates a positive and caring atmosphere.


Product partnership for exclusive pampering treatments at SPA-ROSA Lake Garda

TREATMENT - [C]LEAN & PERSONAL LUXURY: VINOBLE COSMETICS products are handmade with great care in our own factory in picturesque southern Styria. The philosophy aims to achieve a rapid and noticeable improvement in skin texture by using all natural active ingredients from the grape.

The unique formula of the [c]lean luxury products combines natural ingredients with minimalism, sustainability and effective efficacy to ensure optimal hydration and give the skin a healthy, natural glow.

High-quality skincare products from VINOBLE COSMETICS, including a hydro-regenerating cream and a regenerating concentrate, presented alongside a halved bunch of grapes. The elegant packaging and natural grape reflect the concept of natural ingredients and luxurious skincare.
A woman in a white shirt sitting relaxed in bed, holding an open tin of moisturizing face cream in her hands. The cream is in focus and the scene suggests a morning beauty ritual that emphasizes well-being and self-care.
A woman wearing a face mask smiles while holding a glass of red wine and sitting relaxed in the bathtub. Her smile and the enjoyment of the wine suggest a moment of relaxation and personal well-being.

VINOBLE Manufaktur

Discover our VINOBLE Manufaktur as a multifunctional, flexible meeting and workshop area. Whether for creative projects, workshops or as a "workshop for the mind" in seminars, courses and training sessions - divided into different areas, the Manufaktur offers the perfect setting for various events and functions.

Hold exclusive workshops or seminars in a relaxed atmosphere, for example on the subject of art, mental health or cuisine, or take part in a variety of events such as soap stirring courses, natural cosmetics workshops, active ingredient seminars, wine seminars/tastings, Vino Art Nights, winery presentations or various readings.

A hand pours red wine from a glass carafe into a wine glass and in the background two women can be seen in a blur, facing each other

Fitness at the SPA-ROSA

The fitness area in our SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda is a place of strength to get weak. Cardio machines, state-of-the-art functional training equipment and a selection of small machines such as kettlebells, TRX suspension trainers and medicine balls enable a versatile workout. With the KEISER app, you can optimally control your training and train individually at any time with our on-demand service. Online personal training or small group training sessions as well as event days with specials such as yoga, Pilates or body art provide variety and set new impulses for a holistic body awareness.

 The image shows a section of a fitness room with a focus on two black kettlebells with red markings placed on a wooden bench. A stacked pyramid of six neatly rolled white towels can be seen behind the kettlebells.

Yoga & Meditation

A true greeting to the sun

Start the day with a Morning Silence Walk and greet the morning sun over Italy. Deepen your inner balance with a yoga session, let meditation guide you into a state of deep relaxation, strengthen your body with invigorating Pilates exercises or find your center with Qi Gong. Our personal training and free-functional sessions are designed to maximize your personal well-being and give you an unforgettable experience.

The SPA-ROSA on Lake Garda offers numerous indoor and outdoor areas for various courses and sports sessions. Our special highlight: our private and sheltered wooden terrace, hidden in the heart of a green courtyard. Surrounded by delicate greenery, embedded in a Mediterranean plant world, you can find yourself here in a very unique atmosphere.

Das Bild zeigt eine entspannende Yoga-Ecke mit dem Fokus auf eine ausgerollte, dunkelgraue Yogamatte auf einem warm getönten Holzboden. Neben der Matte sind mehrere graue Yoga-Bolster sorgfältig aufgestapelt. Im Hintergrund trägt eine Karaffe mit Wasser und Zitronenscheiben neben zwei leeren Gläsern auf einem schlichten Holztablett zur Atmosphäre des Wohlbefindens bei. Ein großer, rustikaler Holzkübel mit dekorativen Zweigen rundet das harmonische Bild ab und verleiht dem Raum eine natürliche und beruhigende Ästhetik.
A-ROSA KitzbühelA-ROSA Kitzbühel A-ROSA SyltA-ROSA Sylt A-ROSA TravemündeA-ROSA Travemünde A-ROSA Lake GardaA-ROSA Lake Garda Ceres am Meer, BinzCeres am Meer, Binz Thurnher’s Alpenhof, ZürsThurnher’s Alpenhof, Zürs
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