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Our A-ROSA hotel with
breakfast & half board on Lake Garda

Culinary moments of pleasure under the Italian sun: a finely tuned crescendo of Italian delights awaits you at the A-ROSA Lago di Garda. Each dish is imbued with tantalizing aromas, rooted in the Lombardy region, grounded in the legendary "Cucina Italiana " and perfected by passion and masterful craftsmanship.

Culinary delight on Lake Garda

From morning light to starlight: the A-ROSA Lago di Garda takes you on a culinary journey of discovery through the diversity of Italy from dawn to dusk. Experience true culinary delights in our varied buffet restaurant, enjoy culinary events in the open air in the picturesque garden and experience the fascination of live cooking up close.

Since true enjoyment doesn't depend on the time of day, we serve sweet and savory snacks made from fresh, regional ingredients at our bar, in the bistro or by the pool throughout the day. Pizza made according to the original Neapolitan recipe and fresh focaccia for a snack in between meals or a refreshing ice cream and Italian pastry specialties as a sweet afternoon snack - there are no limits to your enjoyment here. Buon appetito!

Breakfast at the A-ROSA Hotel on Lake Garda

La colazione: this is how you have breakfast in Italy

An espresso or a cappuccino, accompanied by a cornetto, a sweet, filled pastry - and "La prima colazione" is perfect. While the first meal of the day is often rather small in Italy, the second breakfast is a convivial ritual for which people in Italy take plenty of time. Here too, Italian culture and the light-hearted way of life are firmly anchored. The Italian breakfast stands for enjoyment, quality and conviviality. It is often light and sweet, with a strong focus on fresh and high-quality ingredients. This is also reflected in our A-ROSA breakfast buffet.

Breakfast with a view of Lake Garda

Welcome the morning at the A-ROSA Lago di Garda with open arms. While the gentle rays of the rising sun kiss your skin, start the day with a hearty breakfast on our sun terrace, which offers the perfect setting for the start of an unforgettable vacation day with its panoramic view of the sparkling Lake Garda.

Fresh & regional

Healthy, fresh and light: local cheese and sausage specialties, baked goods from the region and fresh fruit and vegetables await you at the buffet every morning. In keeping with the A-ROSA indulgence concept, we also place great value on regionality, culinary highlights and fresh preparation at the A-ROSA Lago di Garda.

Coffee & tea specialties

Good Italian coffee is an integral part of our A-ROSA Lago di Garda. Here, we carry a passion for the little brown beans deep in our hearts and conjure up freshly roasted Italian coffee specialties for your breakfast table every day. For tea lovers, we have a selection of aromatic teas.

Local baked goods & specialties from the bakery

Experience the region's authentic art of baking on your plate every day. From crispy bread rolls to aromatic focaccia and sweet croissants, our local baked goods reflect our attention to detail and dedication to traditional craftsmanship. Immerse yourself in the world of Italian baking and let yourself be tempted by our sweet and savory creations.

Hot meals

Whether it's an airy omelette with your favorite toppings of choice, a perfectly fried egg or a delicious semolina porridge - warm delicacies are also served on the breakfast table at A-ROSA Lago di Garda.

Vegetarian & vegan dishes

The Italian-style breakfast at the A-ROSA on Lake Garda offers a colorful selection. Whether meat and fish lovers or fans of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets - every palate will discover their favorites here.

Half board on Lake Garda at the
A-ROSA Hotel

Experience the taste of Italy on your vacation! In the evening, you can also look forward to a varied selection of starters, hearty fish and meat specialties as well as a rich variety of vegetarian and vegan options and dessert variations in our A-ROSA buffet restaurant. Enjoy the taste of your vacation in Bella Italia.

Dinner at the A-ROSA Lago di Garda

Varied starters

Be inspired by the varied selection of starters in our buffet restaurant and join us on a culinary journey through Italian cuisine. Delicious antipasti, bruschetta made from sun-kissed tomatoes on crispy ciabatta or freshly baked focaccia are just a taste of the variety and sophistication that lies within the Cucina Italiana.

Hearty feasting in Italian

Varied, local, inspiring - in keeping with the A-ROSA concept of indulgence, we serve you varied and high-quality dishes every day in our buffet restaurant in the evening. We place particular emphasis on an exquisite selection of products, culinary highlights and fresh preparation. Grilled dishes from the Josper charcoal oven complemented by traditional Italian cuisine, sparkling drinks and an excellent selection of the finest Italian wines await you every evening in our buffet restaurant.

The sweet taste of Italy

From creamy gelato and handmade chocolates to heavenly dessert creations, artfully arranged in a glass - those with a sweet tooth are truly spoiled here. But lovers of savory delicacies who prefer to end the evening with a spicy finale will also get their money's worth thanks to our diverse selection of cheeses.

Snacks & drinks all day long

Experience the lightness of being with every sip and every bite in our A-ROSA Lago di Garda. Whether you are taking a relaxing break between sunny bathing pleasures or longing for peace and quiet, a little refreshment and culinary delights after a day full of exciting experiences - our wide range of snacks and drinks is available to you at any time of day. Indulge in our fine selection of small delicacies and enjoy refreshing drinks and exquisite wines to round off your day perfectly.

Bar with sun terrace

Enjoy an exclusive blend of tradition and innovation in our bar with outdoor terrace. Our A-ROSA signature cocktails are prepared directly at the table and offer a unique experience. The bar menu ranges from classic highballs to exotic cocktail creations. In addition to a selection of coffees and cakes, we serve Italian pettole with every drink. Our wine bar offers exquisite wines, an exclusive grappa collection and a selection of Italian beers, vermouth and amari .

Bistro-Pizzeria & Enoteca

Embark on a journey through the authentic flavors of Italy in our bistro. Italian ham, sausage and cheese specialties, crispy foccacia and Neapolitan pizza prepared according to traditional recipes and with lots of love. At the same time, selected wines from the best Italian, German and European wine-growing regions await you here in our Enoteca. Immerse yourself in the world of wines and find your personal favorite.

Pool bar

Let the sun kiss you by the pool while you order your favorite drink directly from the sun lounger. Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? At the pool bar, cool refreshments and culinary delights combine to create a special kind of vacation experience. Our snack selection promises light, delicious culinary delights from morning to night, sparkling drinks and a mobile ice cream cart provide refreshment in between and every afternoon you can expect changing specials that enrich the day with a culinary surprise.

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